Welcome to the Retablo Project

I am excited to talk about my new project. Living in the high desert brings tons of natural history, history, and archaeological heritage to life. My project combines southwest heritage, and storytelling and is translated into copper repousse. Southwest Makings is a story using icons about the people and how they have adapted and changed to make southwestern heritage as it is.

As the story goes, peoples of southwest North America consider the area their homelands. As other found interest In this part of the country the stories of wealth and conquest grew. The Spanish found particular fancy in the myths. Beginning with the knight Coronado landing in what is now known as Mexico, they began to explore and invade the land and people.

The Spanish brought their horses, missionaries, knowledge, and culture to the Aztecs (Mexica). It impacted the Aztecs. Missionaries introduced Catholicism to bring native peoples to be “civilized”. Aztecs adapted Catholicism to include what was considered by the Spanish as aboriginal beliefs. The Spanish also brought their own labor force in the way of craftsmen and livestock handlers. These individuals made the greatest impact on the western traditions of what is now the southwest United States.

At the same time, this was happening in Mexico. The myths of gold and riches lured the explorers north into New Mexico by the Spanish king’s decree. Further explorations created a crossroads of sorts from north to south and east to west in what was to be New Mexico. From these trails, the Spanish began the traverse of the southwest United States.

Check back as I continue to create this story in copper.

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