The Heart of Silver City New Mexico

Mural depicting Geronimo, leader of the Chiricahua Apaches

My destination was Chihuahua Hill to see the newest mural, a visual story told of the significant impact of the Native Americans and Mexicans in the creation of what would eventually be called Silver City.  The artist is Carlos Callejo and painter, artist, and activist from Los Angeles CA.

Still a work in progress, this day was scheduled from the Warms Springs Apache Council.  Their view of the mural is one that emphasizes the presence of the Apache culture in this part of the country past to present. As Joe Saenz the head of the Warm Springs Council tells the story the Apaches rose from their earth.  What is undeniable is the underplayed impact of these explorers, traders and workers had here in Silver City, as in many parts of the West.  The mural is located on the corner of Richards St. and Theodore St. in Silver City.  This preview of the history depicted in the mural might be of interest before your tour.