ABOUT Your host

Hello and thank you for considering Stonehouse Inn.  I am a career educator and spent over 15 years scouring for a gateway community and a way to support hikers, bikers and adventure travelers.  I am an avid rockhounder and Dino digger.  My forages end up in metal pieces of jewelry or sculpture.

Cohousing is Cool

The Danish believe that sharing space and resources in housing can be a rich and beneficial way to live.  Because you are choosing cohousing the cost remains low, but you are expected to serve and help yourself.  I enjoyed outdoor recreation in my journeys and I want you to enjoy my home and the area.  The inn was modeled after those I loved in the west and in Europe that catered to my needs and lifestyle.  It is a no frills space that supports you on the go.  Mail service, hiker box and community space for you to share your adventures will help you rest and refuel.

1500 W. Kelly St.

Silver City, NM 88061